Welcome to the classified ads for Kardamyli, Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos, Mani, Peloponnese, Greece!

Everybody can publish ads on here for free. However there are certain things you should now:

  • Generally ads are for free.
  • You need to register to publish ads.
  • All kind of ads are allowed. Ads will be reviewed before they go online. Certain ads will not be published - you know what I am talking about...
  • You can publish up to 4 images with your ad. Please make sure each file size is not above 500kb. The width/height should not increase 1000px.
  • Generally ads will stay online for 90 days. If the ad is outdated (sold, found, not relevant anymore) it would be a good idea to delete it.
  • For to keep this platform free I included Google ads. I hope you don't mind. And maybe you even find sometimes an interesting ad there too...
  • If you want your ad to be featured and that way automatically contribute to GAIA (the environmental organization of volunteers in our region) click on the appropriate button. It will cost you € 5,00 payable by credit card (PayPal).
  • If you have something for sale which is more than € 50,00, then you need to make your ad featured and the cost above applies. Your payment will be forwarded to GAIA. Ads will stay featured for 30 days. Ads which have not been made featured (no donation for GAIA received) will be disabled.
  • General instructions for donations:
    Post your ad > Wait until reviewed > Go back to your ad and click on "Go Featured!" > GAIA says Thank You!
  • If you don't have a PayPal account and you don't want to register one, you still can use the guest function of PayPal to pay via credit card or may be wire transfer. Just click on the "Go Featured!" button above your ad and choose the guest function provided on the appearing PayPal site. Please don't insist on manual money transfers, as this will drive unnecessary effort on my side. Thanks.


Feel free to browse the ads or to publish yours.
Please make sure to read the information first.
Make your ad featured!
All payments for featured ads will be donated to GAIA - the environmental organisation of volunteers in Mani!!

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