There is hardly any content here yet. I apologise. However, I left some you could follow...

The vintage 'homepage' for my business. Still in operation and anyway the hub of the world.


Stoupa, Agios Nikolaos, Kardamyli and elsewhere. Beach, Promenade, Harbor and other spots. Local weather data.

New domain for the webcam section.


A forum full of local information and relief for traumatized instant messaging users.

 Picture Gallery

A thousand and one pictures not only from the area.


Wonderful holiday home.

Now I'm following in someone else's footsteps. Nevertheless, I have to mention it here.

All the above has something to do with Stoupa and its surroundings in Mani, South Peloponnese, Greece or at least was made there.

 The last step was made here on Friday, 28th January 2022